Who we've helped


10 JAN -  Donated $3000.00 towards bills of a Navy veteran that came into finacial crisis due to a serious injury.

22 MAY - Donated $1300.00 to assist a veteran and his family that lost everything in a house fire

26 MAY - Donated $500.00 to the Todd A. Patterson Memorial ride, all proceeds benefit the Veterans Service Canines, INC

​24 July - Donated $1500 to Region 3 Regionals to help veterans in need

01 SEPT - Doanted $500 to help a veteran towards a house fire 

01 SEPT - Donated $1500 to help a veteran who house flooded

24 JAN 2017 - Donated $750.00 to an Army veteran in need of financial assistance, who's 18 month old son was hospitalized for a respiratory illness (Lehigh County).

25 APR 2017 - Donated $1000.00 to a Marine Veteran and his family in need of financial assistance from injuries sustained through deployments (Dauphin County).​ 

24 JUN 2017 - Donated $5170.83 to the Robert Jackson Veterans Homeless Shelter, 316 Carlisle St, Harrisburg, PA 17104 (Dauphin County)

24 JUN 2017 - Donated $5170.83 to Paul's House Valor Foundation Clinic, 1130 Scenic Drive, Kunkletown, PA 18058 (Lehigh County).

24 JUN 2017 - Donated $2805.00 to the family of a Fallen Soldier to help with travel and funeral costs (Cumberland County).

09 AUG 2017 - Notified of a homeless Vet in Elizabethville, PA. We were able to track down and escort the Vet to the Robert Jackson Veterans Shelter along with towing his car to a garage (car is to bad to fix), where he recieved a room and is now off the streets (Dauphin County).

25 AUG 2017 - Donated $50 gas gift card to an Army Veteran in need of assistance (Lebanon County).

26 SEPT 2017 - Donated $500 to Army veteran who's spouse died and came into financial issues (lebanon County), also donated $3000.00 to Marine veteran Mark Fidler (lossed both legs to an IED in Afghanistan), to help upgrade his current house (Berks County).

12 OCT 2017 - Donated $2500 to a Navy, Purple Heart recipient, who came into finacial difficulties from a brain injury (Dauphin County).

24 OCT 2017 - Donated $1,000 food card to Army Veteran that was out of work because of a serious auto accident ( Cumberland County). Donated $2000 to Army veteran who came into an unexpected hardship (Cumberland County). Donated $1500 to Wreaths Across America for wreaths to be placed at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetary ( Lebanon County).

28 OCT 2017 - Donated $300 to a Navy veteran whos house burned down (New Jersey). Donated $1,900 towards the purchase of Christmas presents for the children of Veterans in need (Dauphin, Lebanon, Cumberland and Schuylkill Counties).

2016 - Donated $24,055​ to local veterans, veteran's family, veteran homeless shelters and veteran organizations

2015- Donated  $6,527.78 to local veterans, veteran's family, veteran homeless shelters and veteran organizations